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Help Christians to survive in Gaza: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) — Colonel Douglas Macgregor has warned that Israel’s current operation of “expelling or killing the population in Gaza” is enraging the Arab nations in the region.

Macgregor believes this will “culminate… in the destruction of Israel” with war easily expanding globally, even onto American soil, and the real possibility of nuclear exchanges.

“The only way to put a stop to this is for the American people to raise their voices and say, ‘We don’t want to be party to this [Israeli] operation,’” the decorated combat veteran said. “It is inconsistent with our views of what is morally right or wrong.”

Macgregor, who was speaking in a Monday interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano, said there was a disparity between Israel’s stated goals of “eradicating Hamas and returning the hostages” and its destructive rampage upon Gaza. The attack has reportedly killed at least 26,900 since October 7, including over 11,000 children and 7,500 women, not counting the estimated 8,000 missing and presumed dead and buried under the rubble. Furthermore, more than 570,000 of the 1.7 million displaced persons are suffering from starvation with some now beginning to die.

There have been accusations of genocide from across the globe, including from many Jewish organizations, expert commentators and individuals.  Nevertheless, Macgregor stated that “the Israeli population is behind” this operation. “They don’t question this at all.”

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“Most Israelis equate the final removal of all the Arabs that currently live in what they regard as ‘Greater Israel’—this is the sea to the Jordan River—as equating to their long-term security and survival,” he said.

For many decades Christians in the Holy Land have pleaded with Israel and the international community to end the Jewish state’s illegal occupation and building of settlements on the Palestinian people’s internationally recognized territory, as a necessary foundation for peaceful coexistence.

Help Christians in Gaza to survive ongoing war

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Regardless, while “it’s an all or nothing proposition” for the Israelis, Macgregor said the relevant question “is not what the Israelis want or what they believe, but what do the American people want, and how do they feel? Are they comfortable with the wholesale removal of the Arab population, Muslim and Christian, from Gaza?” Can they support this (2.4M) population’s “death or expulsion or it’s killing directly or indirectly through disease and starvation or not?”

“If they’re not comfortable with that, they need to get off their rear ends and call their representatives in Washington,” because right now few in Washington are opposed to what Israel is doing, he said.

‘I don’t think we can stop’ the destruction of Israel

Though the leaders of Middle East Arab nations such as Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Turkey want to avoid a regional war, due to what the consequences will be for their nation’s infrastructure and population, their own positions are in danger due to the possibility of popular uprisings among their citizens, the colonel explained.

The populations in these regions, particularly the Muslim Arabs and the Turks, “are so angry and so enraged, they’re ready to fight, regardless of what the costs are, to destroy Israel.”

“As a result, increasingly across the Middle East, everyone who is in power or authority is privately saying … we will no longer tolerate this Israeli state and they are moving towards a state of war across the region, which will culminate, I think, in the destruction of Israel,” Macgregor warned. “And I don’t think we can stop it.”

Neoconservatives in Biden administration initiating war with Iran to serve Israel’s interests

Yet, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu having pushed for the U.S. to wage war against Iran for more than three decades, and now with Israel Lobby member Antony Blinken running the U.S. State Department with fellow neoconservative Victoria Nuland as undersecretary, the Biden Administration appears determined to utilize American military might, putting U.S. soldiers in greater danger, to advance what they believe to be the regional interests of Israel.

In a January 21 New York Times article, the Biden Administration slipped out a warning that should American troops be killed by local militias in the region, this would be a “red line” that may likely precipitate the U.S. striking Iran directly which could “escalate into a full-fledged war.”

Like many other commentators, Macgregor described the only purpose for the presence of these troops being “on the ground in Iraq or Syria” was “effectively [to be] magnets for attack.” And with the deadly assault upon an outpost on the Jordan / Syrian border killing three U.S. soldiers last weekend, the colonel predicted it would be used “as a justification for further escalation against Iran,” which has been a longtime goal of the neoconservatives.

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Iran strongly denied any involvement with this or any of the other attacks, and Macgregor said American intelligence agencies confirm “Iran is telling the truth” in this matter, acknowledging that these Shiite militias are indeed anti-Israel but stated they are attacking American bases “because we are unconditionally supporting the destruction of the Arab population in Gaza. If that were to halt… the attacks on us would end. There’s no desire on the part of Iran or anyone else in the region to go to war with us.”

Iran’s ‘enormous arsenal of missiles’ has the capacity to attack American bases and aircraft carriers ‘with great precision’ and ‘reduce most of Israel to ashes’

But should the Israeli and U.S. authorities be successful at initiating war with Iran, the retired colonel predicts these forces “will pay a heavy price.”

“Iran has an enormous arsenal of missiles,” he said. These include, “thousands of very precise, very destructive theater ballistic missiles as well as tactical ballistic missiles. They have cruise missile technology, [and] infinite numbers of drones.”

There are around 57,000 American troops in the region, and these missiles can “attack with great precision” all of their bases and positions. The missiles include what the colonel calls “blockbusters” which can “flatten cities, flatten military installations, destroy airfields [and] harbors. They’re all conventional warheads, but the destructive power is enormous, and it’s precise.”

These include hypersonic missiles which can hit targets at sea, and there remains “no way to shoot them down or defend against them.” British and U.S. aircraft carriers in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean “could be targeted because everyone now has access to overhead surveillance” which didn’t exist in these nations 20 years ago.

Additionally, “if the Israelis are participating with us in direct strikes on Iran, then I think the arsenal will be launched in great quantities from numerous different locations, all of which cannot be positively identified. And they will reduce most of Israel to ashes.”

Hezbollah and Sunni Muslims in Mexico, chronic open border, ‘high probability’ of additional fronts on American soil

In recent decades, the United States has been “facing opponents without armies, air forces, air defenses. That is about to end,” Macgregor declared.

“Iran, Turkey, [and] certainly Hezbollah: these are real forces with real capability, and we haven’t had to face that. And by the way, neither have the Israelis,” he said. “And the Israelis would be the first to tell you, privately, that too many of their soldiers and officers have spent too much [time] policing people on the West Bank and around Gaza. They’re not accustomed to a full up, all-out war. And that’s what they’re asking for, and they’ll get it if they don’t stop. And we are going to get it [too].”

Furthermore, “Americans have no fear of war because it always happens on someone else’s soil. And that is about to change if we attack Iran,” Macgregor predicted.

“Remember, Hezbollah has substantial facilities and concentrations of people in Mexico. So do Islamists who are Sunni Muslims,” he recalled. With all the recent waves of illegal immigrants pouring across the Mexican border in recent years, “we don’t even know who has actually entered the United States.”

“No one seemed to care when thousands of military-aged men from China and other countries entered the United States. Nobody seems to have gotten very exercised until quite recently, when they realized that Arabs and Iranians and others… had also entered,” he said.

And what might the results be? “What about our nuclear power facilities? What about our power grid? What about the weapons that exist that are in the hands of the cartels,” who may join such state and non-state actors for enough money?

“We should not write off the very high probability that if this war goes forward, we will face a second front along the Mexican border and potentially a third front inside the United States,” he said.

Russia and China will support Iran, Israel’s use of nuclear weapons ‘greatest danger’

Likewise, “Russia has made it very clear that it regards Iran as a strategic partner of great importance,” Macgregor explained. “Russia will not stand by and allow us to destroy Iran. They will provide Iran with whatever it needs to protect itself, and they will stand by Iran.”

“By the way, the Chinese, who have critical interests in access to the Persian Gulf and access to East Africa, where they get great quantities of food, will not stand by and do nothing while we force Iran to submit or die,” he continued. “We need to back away from this. This will become regional, and I would say semi-global very quickly.”

Finally, Macgregor spoke in reference to Israel’s “Samson Option,” a policy of “nuclear blackmail” whereby if faced with an existential threat, the Jewish state will allegedly launch nuclear missiles at cities in the Middle East.

This would be intended to bring Israel’s enemies down with it, as Samson did in collapsing the pillars of the temple of the Philistines.

And thus, “the greatest danger,” the colonel said, “is that the Israelis will respond, but with the use of a nuclear weapon, particularly as they watch their cities Tel Aviv, Haifa and so forth, largely annihilated by these arsenals of missiles. And if that were to happen, I think that would have catastrophic consequences for Israel and the world, far worse than anything we’ve seen thus far.”

Help Christians to survive in Gaza: LifeFunder


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