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TOPEKA, Kansas (LifeSiteNews) – A student at Washburn University in Kansas recently shared at a campus event how her Catholic parish and her mother helped her escape transgenderism.

The student, named Jayda, asked conservative commentator Michael Knowles at his event on March 31 if he had heard about a connection between autism and gender dysphoria and mentioned that she had struggled with transgenderism.

Knowles spoke at the university and gave a speech titled “Ban Transgenderism,” hosted by Young America’s Foundation.

“As a kid … I liked both girl and boy things … and as soon as I hit puberty, it’s like, I could not deal with the changes in my body,” the student said. She said she “did not have a word for it yet, as transgenderism,” but she would “bind [her] chest in secret” and wear her clothes to hide her hips.

The student said she would have “gone on hormones” if not for her family and church that “reaffirmed that [she] was a girl.”

“If I was still with the influence of the left and the LGBT … I would have gone on hormones,” the student said. She shared that she did not have “actual gender dysphoria,” but her struggles were related to autism.

“You were so fortunate,” Knowles told her. “You were so fortunate that you family and your community did not indulge this delusion,” the conservative commentator said.

He then described the situation many children and parents face:

A lot of these families just want to do what’s best for their kid and they’re being told by these sickos on television and in the universities and in the political apparatus that the only way to treat your kid is to lop off their genitals and inject them with cross-sex hormones, absolute irreversible damage that would have caused, frankly, and as you’re describing in your case, greater regret than you were and stress and anxiety than you were experiencing even in the moment … I’m so glad that you were able to come through that and have a a real medical diagnosis in the end that did not result in you mutilating yourself.

“Shout out to my mom and my Catholic church,” the student concluded.

“Thank you for telling that story,” Knowles told her.

Knowles recently featured a woman who “detransitioned” from living as a man after taking testosterone. The young woman, Helena Kerschner, shared how social media pushed her to take hormones and live as a man.

“The gender ideology is very prominent there,” Kerschner said, specifically in reference to blogging site Tumblr. She told Knowles there are a lot of “social incentives” to change your pronouns and embrace gender ideology to stay in those online communities.