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TRENTON, New Jersey, April 19, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — The pro-abortion college students who tore down a campus-approved pro-life display will be identified and disciplined for their actions.

Last week, several College of New Jersey students were caught on video tearing down the campus Students for Life chapter’s “Graveyard of the Innocent” display. The display consisted of roughly 370 blue and pink flags, symbolizing the 3,705 abortions estimated to happen in New Jersey each month.

On Wednesday, interim Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator Jordan Draper met with three leaders of the SFL chapter, as well as telecommuted with a national Students for Life of America representative, Campus Reform reports.

“They are launching a full investigation and involved students will be held accountable by the student conduct board,” SFL chapter Vice President Grace Gottschling said. “Further information about the results of the actions taken against the offending students will be given at the conclusion of the investigation.” She added that the chapter was “very happy with the direction the university is taking.”

In a video taken by a SFL member, several students can be seen pulling the flags out of the ground and throwing them in a pile. One of the students has been identified as Courtney Woods, vice president of the campus chapter of pro-homosexual group PRISM. Students for Life believes several of the other vandals were PRISM members, as well.

“This is a graveyard for kids! Don’t you realize what you’re doing?” the member filming the incident asked the vandals. Some replied that “they’re not kids, they’re fetuses,” and that the flags only represented “some cells that got flushed out.”

Another vandal told him that there were “people on this campus who have gone through this experience, and seeing these flags is traumatic.” The pro-life student responded by asking why a reminder of “just a bundle of cells” would be traumatic.

Afterward, the vandals debated whether to throw the uprooted flags in a trash can. The pro-lifer responded by noting that “they’re not yours, that would be theft,” so the vandal agreed to leave them in a pile. The video ends with a vandal threatening to “take them out again” if Students for Life rebuilds the display.

Gottschling said that the display had been up for “less than 24 hours and during that time there were at least six attempts of vandalism that we know of.” PRISM president Andrew Fenwick emailed SFL to disavow the incident.

“The vandalism at TCNJ is further proof that some students on college campuses cannot even fathom the idea that other people have free-speech rights,” Students for Life of America president Kristan Hawkins declared following the original story. “Despite the vandalism, TCNJ Students for Life are not letting this deter them from continuing to promote a culture of life on campus.”