COLOMBIA, March 7, 2008 ( – The government of Colombia has announced a new program through which it will distribute the abortifiacient “morning after pill” as “emergency contraception” free to all women who are of the age of fertility.

“The measure covers victims of rape and all women who have had sexual relations without protection.  The first must make an emergency request and the second through a priority consultation with her EPS (Health Promoting Entity),” said Blanca Elvira Cajigas, Vice Minister of Health and Well Being in an interview with El Tiempo.

  All teenage women, regardless of their participation in the nation’s health care system, will receive the abortifacient contraceptives free of charge.  Women older than 19 years must be enrolled in a government or private health care plan to receive the benefit, although Cajigas believes that even this requirement will be dropped.

“The plan is that next year, when we reach universal health care coverage, everyone can have access” to the program, she said.

  All three forms of contraceptives offered not only prevent pregnancy, but also can cause abortions by preventing a newly conceived zygote from implanting in the uterine wall of his mother.  Despite the fact that Colombia’s constitution says that the “right to life is inviolable” and bans the death penalty, the Colombian Supreme Court overruled such protections in 2006 based on its interpretation of international “human rights” treaties signed by Colombia.

  Colombia is the second Latin American country to offer free contraceptives to the public.  The first was Chile, which has also required the nation’s pharmaceutical chains to distribute the drugs to the public (see LifeSiteNews coverage at