COLOMBIA, September 14, 2005, (—Â Dan Zeidler is Representative in the USA for the Venezuela-based Latin American Alliance for the Family (ALAFA). He is very worried at the moment that Columbians may be about to lose the battle to protect their legislatively protected right to life for the unborn.

Today, Dan sent out an urgent appeal today for prayer for the country to stave off a seemingly impending decision by the Colombian Constitutional Court to declare existing pro-life protections unconstitutional.

Dan notes that for “For three decades, Colombia has been attacked by well-financed, internationally-backed pro-abortion proponents” and yet Congress and the vast majority of Colombians have not been swayed by these powerful forces.Â

He says a defeat on this matter “would weaken the pro-life movement worldwide. It would set an incredibly dangerous precedent for the rest of Latin America, where again, thanks be to God, with the exception of Cuba, has substantial pro-life protections against abortion.”

Dan concludes that “Prayer is powerful. I know of other seemingly hopeless situations where good has won out in the end, thanks to prayer. Please pray for a miracle for Colombia.”

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