BOGATA, Colombia, September 1, 2005 ( News Agency) – It is not just in Canada that the courts and media have been abused as a means of imposing immoral practices into national legislation. In the South American nation of Colombia, a former high-ranking official of the Justice Ministry, Rafael Nieto Loaiza, has accused abortion activists of using the country’s court system to impose abortion on a country that doesn’t want it.

Nieto wrote in an article about efforts by a Colombian radical feminist activist to use a campaign of media trickery to sell abortion to Colombian courts and the public. He wrote, “those who seek its legalization have been exposed.” Nieto refers to the effort of Monica Roa and her group of abortion activists to manipulate the “good will” of Colombians to establish abortion in cases of pregnancy from rape or when there are fetal abnormalities.

Roa, a Columbian activist and the director of the Gender Justice Program, a radical feminist organization, filed a brief in constitutional court asking that the prohibition against killing the unborn be lifted. Nieto asserts that the effort will fail because the international agreements to which Colombia is signatory explicitly protect human life from the moment of conception.

Roa gave a speech in New York in which she laid out her strategy for legalizing abortion using the thin edge of the wedge starting with exceptional cases. The strategy has worked well and usually relies upon false and exaggerated statistics that play upon public sympathy.

To this end, Roa is spearheading a duplicitous media and legal campaign, organizing a number of groups to submit amicus briefs to the court and hiring a media consultant to sell the notion of abortion to the public. One example of the strategy is to get more radically liberal lawyers to castigate Roa in the press for not going far enough, a move that would serve to mollify the conservative public and convince them of the moderateness of her efforts.

The plans were so impressive that one student called her a “one woman dis-information campaign.”

One major player in the campaign is to be the ever-eager Catholics for a Free Choice, the abortion front organization funded by a group of U.S. eugenics and population control interests.

Nieto said that Colombia’s ratifying of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) has left the country open to these kinds of attacks.

He wrote, “Those who sought legalization through the ratification (of the Protocol) and who said so often that the Protocol had nothing to do with abortion saw their trickery unmasked and neutralized, and now they are openly firing their whole arsenal against the Government with arguments, including anti-clerical ones, that cannot hold up under serious debate.

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