By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

BOGOTA, December 8, 2009 ( – Colombia's pro-life Inspector General, Alejandro Ordoñez, has demanded that morning-after pills containing the abortifacient drug Levonorgestrel be taken off the market, because the pills can be used to abort pregnancies.

According to the Inspector General, using pills with Levonorgestrel is “a clear violation of the right to life, as with fertilization a new human life begins.”

The drug can disrupt ovulation, but numerous studies have also shown that it is abortifacient since, if taken within three days after intercourse, it inhibits the implantation of the already fertilized ovum into the mother's womb by rendering the womb inhospitable to the embryo.

Ordoñez is a devoted Catholic and a vociferous opponent of abortion. Colombia's constitution allows abortion only in the case of rape, life-threatening complications for the mother, or the serious deformation of the unborn baby.

The Inspector General made the demand after a proposal was made to the government to make the drug available free for minors, in order to decrease the high number of teenage pregnancies in Colombia.

In 2002 the Philippine government banned the sale and importation of the drug, marketed in the Philippines as an “emergency contraceptive” under the brand name Postinor, following the disclosure of clear evidence that showed it is an abortive drug.

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