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(Live Action) — A notorious Planned Parenthood abortionist who was exposed by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) in the baby parts trafficking scandal has been named the CEO and chief medical officer of a Colorado abortion business.

Savita Ginde was one of many abortionists caught on camera haggling for prices on the body parts of aborted preborn children and, like Planned Parenthood itself, has faced practically no repercussions for it.

Ginde’s new executive role was reported by the Boulder Daily Camera. She will be working at Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center, the first abortion facility to open in Colorado.

“I’m proud,” she said of her new role. “I’m so excited to be here and take this on and get us prepared and make us strong and accessible to all the patients that are going to be seeking care from us.”

In 2015, CMP released a video featuring Ginde at a Colorado Planned Parenthood committing an abortion on a preborn child at 11 weeks. In it, Ginde discussed the best way to get compensation for harvesting and selling organs with a potential buyer. At the time, Ginde was serving as vice president and medical director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM).

“I think a per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it,” she said in the video, and later commented on the quality of specific body parts. “If I looked at that, I’d be like that’s good to go.” An unidentified Planned Parenthood assistant added that the organs were “five stars.”

Ultimately, Ginde and the buyer came to agree on a price of $75 per usable piece of the preborn child’s body. Legally, however, the only funds exchanged can be reimbursement for any potential cost.

Ginde additionally admitted, rather bluntly, that the preborn children she kills are babies, and that about 10% of the babies they see in the second trimester are delivered intact, having been born early after the first step of the dilation and evacuation procedure. This occurs because abortionists force dilation during the procedure, which can cause some women to go into labor before the abortionist is able to rip the tiny baby’s body into pieces.

Ginde also pointed out various intact organs, noting, “Here’s a stomach, kidney, heart.” She later added that second trimester babies are “so big” that they won’t “be as war-torn.” Then, an unnamed technician can be heard saying, “and another boy!” after finding a body section with legs.

Today, the abortion industry is grappling with how to continue committing abortions with Roe v. Wade having been overturned in June.

“It’s a lot,” Ginde said. “But it’s a lot of exciting work.”

In a previous interview, she said abortion is the entire purpose of the Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center’s mission, saying, “It’s the very reason that we opened back in 1973.”

Help pro-life heroes expose the truth about abortion: LifeFunder