Wednesday November 3, 2010

Colorado Personhood Amendment Soundly Defeated at Ballot Box

By Peter J. Smith

DENVER, Colorado, November 3, 2010 ( – A pro-life effort to get personhood status for the unborn went down in flames on Tuesday night, as voters overwhelmingly rejected the constitutional amendment.

Amendment 62, a ballot initiative that would have given personhood status in the state constitution to all human beings “from the beginning of biological development,” was rejected by a 3 – 1 margin by voters.

The personhood amendment polled worse than the last time pro-life advocates in Colorado tried to get the measure passed, in 2008. That time the amendment lost with 73 percent against, and 27 percent in favor.

According to the Denver Post, the “No on 62” campaign outspent personhood proponents by a 10 – 1 margin. The anti-personhood effort was spearheaded by Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, and New Era Colorado, which raised $578,000 in cash contributions.

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