DENVER, CO, October 3, 2005 ( – Attendees at the 2005 Colorado Right to Life, State Meeting September 24, 2005 voted unanimously to adopt a resolution opposing the use of fetal tissue in the production of vaccines and proposing the development of ethical alternatives grown on cell lines which are not tainted with fetal tissue from aborted babies.

Furthermore, the body calls upon the congress to pass the Fair Labeling and Informed Consent Act. (see ) Proposed by Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director for Children of God for Life, the organization that launched the Campaign for Ethical Vaccines five years ago, the legislation requires that any medical product utilizing aborted fetal or embryonic cell lines must be clearly labeled and informed consent must be obtained before dispensing them.

The resolution, which was unanimously passed by the Board and 18 delegates from all CRTL offices, is the first massive undertaking of its kind from any State Chapter of National Right to Life. Patti Johnson, former State School Board member, wrote and carried the resolution to the organization’s annual State Meeting, at which new board members were elected and the vision for 2006 was charted.

CRLC President, Diane Hochevar noted, “Our organization believes that all human life is precious and should be equally protected under the law from fertilization to natural death.“We commend Patti Johnson for raising this important topic, about which many citizens are unaware.”

Most parents have no idea that their children’s vaccines contain DNA from an aborted human baby.“We intend to embark upon an education campaign to help families understand the ethical and medical implications of this hidden issue,” states CRLC Vice President, Leslie Hanks.

Unlike Merck who obtained their rubella virus from an aborted baby’s kidney, Japanese scientists simply swabbed the throat of an infected child.“Why American pharmaceutical companies have not pursued a similar ethical avenue, remains a mystery,” said the resolution’s sponsor, Patti Johnson.