Comic book shop celebrates X-Men comic by hosting same-sex ‘wedding’

An Ohio couple flew to New York City to get hitched, just like the Marvel superheroes.
Wed Jun 20, 2012 - 5:14 pm EST

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, June 20, 2012, ( – To celebrate the X-Men comics’ first depiction of a same-sex “marriage,” a New York City comic book shop held a real gay “nuptial” ceremony in its store.

Midtown Comics hosted the hitching at 9 o’clock Wednesday morning at its store at the corner of Fulton Street and Gold Street.

The store held a contest for the honors, won by Scott Everhart, 39, and Jason Welker, 33, of Columbus, Ohio. The two met online. Everhart said he kept the application secret until he was asked to come in for an interview. “That’s when I broke the news to [Welker] and kind of proposed at the same time,” he said.


Thor Parker, social media and events director at Midtown Comics, said, “They really stood out as super fans.” 

The pair flew, by airplane, to the Big Apple, where such “weddings” are now legal. Their reception was provided compliments of Eventi Hotel.

Gerry Gladston, a store owner, said, “We’re proud to take this opportunity to promote equality and tolerance, which is the message of the X-Men themselves.”

After the ceremony, the store sold copies of Astonishing X-Men No. 51, which features superhero Northstar “marrying” his boyfriend, Kyle. The issue features a cameo at the wedding by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose financial might helped convince New York Republican legislators to pass the same-sex “marriage” bill last year.

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Last month Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said introducing homosexual unions into a children’s comic book was part of the company’s “proud tradition of reflecting the world in all its diversity.”

DC Comics followed suit by reimagining the Green Lantern as a homosexual in Earth 2

Homosexual characters and homosexual unions are becoming increasingly common in the comic book genre.

Archie comic book character Kevin Keller “married” his homosexual partner in the January 2012 issue of Life With Archie.

The long-running comic strip “Funky Winkerbean,” penned by Tom Batiuck, had a same-sex couple attend the prom in April.

DC reintroduced Batwoman, who was originally Batman’s love interest, as a lesbian who celebrates Hanukkah in 2006.

Northstar, an X-Men mutant, became the first openly homosexual comic book character in 1992.

Family advocates had another take on the rash of homosexual heroes.

“Why do adult gay men need comic superheroes as role models?” One Million Moms asked in a press release, pointing out homosexual activists “want to indoctrinate impressionable young minds by placing these gay characters on pedestals.”

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