By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

  BRAZIL, February 26, 2008 ( – The courageous journalism of Brazilian reporter Hugo Marques, published today for the first time in English by, opens a window to a dark vision of Brazil’s savage, pre-Christian past, and the horrifying future that awaits the Western world should it decide to fully implement the ideology of death that is increasingly supported by the global intellectual and political establishment (see article at

  As LifeSiteNews reporter John Jalsevac revealed on Friday, the world’s most prestigious bioethics journal is now openly endorsing the practice of eugenic infanticide, the murder of helpless infants whose only crime is to be born with some sort of disability or disease.  Marques’ article, published in the Brazilian magazine ISTOÉ, gives us an idea of the nature of a society that has fully implemented this eugenicist principle, and a glimpse of our own future should we take the same path.

  We meet a beautiful child named Amalé, who was unfortunate enough to be born to an unwed mother who was a member of the Kamiurá tribe in Brazil.  The Kamiurá tribe has a simple, iron rule: children of unwed mothers are to be buried alive, by their own mothers.  And so, he was. 

  Amalé, however, was fortunate enough to have an aunt who is not a member of the death cult that is becoming so popular among the Western cultural elite.  She had the audacity to rescue her nephew and flee with him to Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, where a charitable organization run by Protestants, and supported by Catholics, cares for victims of such “traditional practices.”

  But Amalé is one of the fortunate few to survive the murderous customs of Brazilian indigenous societies.  Three other babies whom Amalé‘s aunt tried to rescue were killed after she was caught with them.  Amalé escaped because he was too weak to cry until he was out of harm’s reach.

  According to Marques, hundreds of babies are murdered every year in Brazil for similar “offenses.”  Perhaps they are born crippled, or with some sort of disease.  Or perhaps they are simply twins, or have a birth mark, or are born out of wedlock.  They are buried alive, strangled, hung, and even hacked to death with machetes.

  Brazilians are horrified by the revelation that such practices occur routinely in Brazil, and that the government does nothing to stop it.  And yet the global empire of foundations, United Nations affiliated groups, and pro-abortion governments have been promoting the “culture of death” in Brazil for years, attempting to legalize and implement the practice of “therapeutic abortion” on a nationwide scale.

  They portray their campaign as a humanitarian effort to eliminate suffering and liberate women from the “slavery” of their own bodies and the vocation of motherhood.  However, there is little difference between their goals and the bloody rituals of Brazilian indigenous groups revealed in Marques’ article.

  Abortion is merely infanticide that it is committed out of sight, and out of mind, in the darkness of the mother’s womb, the one place on Earth where a baby should be safe.  There, under the cruel instruments of the abortionist, infants are literally torn apart with a vacuum, poisoned with saline solution or potassium chloride, or cut to pieces with a large scalpel.

  Among the indigenous people of Brazil, no disingenuous distinctions are made between “pre-viable” and “post-viable” fetuses, attempting to deny the humanity of a child based on his helplessness and dependency on his mother’s body.  There is no pretence.  There is only the cold and naked logic of the culture of death, shorn of any cheap humanitarian facade: this child is different, this child is defective, therefore this child must die.  No “doctor” carries out the death sentence, bringing the prestige of his profession and the soothing rationalizations of “reproductive health”.  The mother herself, under duress by the rest of the tribe, is forced to do it.

  This is our “brave new world”, the dystopian future that is already here, the daily reality of abortion revealed in all of its evil.  It is the end result of the false premises that underlie every assault on human life, the hellish destination to which we are moving with terrible speed.  It is our choice to continue, or to return to the principle that is essential for society itself: that human life is sacred, the most fundamental of all rights.

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