Dear Readers,

We respond today to the full page National Post article contradicting our investigative report on “early inductions” at London, Ontario’s St. Joseph’s Hospital. The Post never contacted us and limited our reply to a maximum 250 word letter to the editor published Monday. That letter, by the way, was not easily available to Post on line readers as were other letters of the day. As well, a significant alteration was made.

Strangely, the Post omitted the entire first part of our sentence, “We established with the ethical overseer of the procedure, Fr. Michael Prieur, that the hospital does not provide such care for children with lethal fetal anomalies once induced”. It was replaced by the letters editor with, “We have argued, and continue to believe, that the hospital… “. We did not write this new phrase which changed our original statement of fact into a far less certain matter of opinion. During our interview Fr. Prieur admitted that children induced early with the anomaly were not given such care. Oh well, at least you have LifeSiteNews and are not dependent on other media.

See our letters to the editor section today for a moving story from a man who responded to our report on the campaign of Bernice Jones to warn families about her devastating experience over the “brain death” declaration of her son. Another writer seriously questions the validity of Mrs. Jones claims, but as today’s additional report on the issue again reveals, there are also credible professionals who have grave concerns about organ harvesting practices.

Steve Jalsevac