Happy 2010!

It is important to begin this year by especially thanking all those who financially supported this work during 2009. Our Christmas season fundraiser eventually brought in a total of $94,000, just $6,000 short of our goal of $100,000. That was our most successful fundraiser ever. Thank you, thank you! We really needed that support.

We are delighted to lead off the 2010 year with the upbeat reports on the Christmas Miracle and the US stamp honoring Mother Teresa.

The on-going Nancy Pelosi saga is not so much a story about Pelosi as it is about a weak Catholic Church in the U.S. that has allowed many Catholic politicians to hold similar morally wrong views while genuinely believing that they are Catholics in good standing. However, this situation has finally begun to change. Very, very late, but most welcome and necessary.

The Philippine bishops are a great witness to what the role of Catholic bishops should be regarding elections during these times.

LifeSiteNews always tries to give the big picture about all that is related to the issues of life and family. Today's article, “The Victory of Socialism” is significant. Discussion of socialist thought and its effects upon our culture is something that has been ridiculed and suppressed since the 1960s, while it actually explains much of the social and moral decline of the West. Socialist thought has also played a significant role in the corruption and serious problems within the Christian churches in the West.

Steve Jalsevac