The Washington March for Life is just around the corner. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are making plans to be there to witness to their fellow countrymen, the President and members of Congress and the Senate that the great social injustice of abortion must be halted. LifeSiteNews publishes today an updated schedule of march related events. See the links to our past reports for many inspiring photos of march events from the past two years.

Other than the above, there is not much feel good news and a lot of controversy today, but it is interesting. We again tackle head on some current items that many have been avoiding.

Michael O'Brien again takes what we are convinced is an informed and well reasoned position against a highly popular media phenomenon. This time it is about the dangers of the Twilight movie and book series that is all the rage these days. O'Brien, the author/painter and culture critic, is far more willing than most to say what must be said – for the good of individuals and society. He is an unusually courageous man with deep insights who truly does care about our culture and its people. He is man who knows what real love is. Michael's critiques, such as today's, are written for the welfare of those who are exposed to this spiritually and morally dangerous material.

Hilary White's commentary on Jennifer Lopez and her surprisingly good comments on the issue of IVF is an interesting read. Hilary is exceptionally well informed on the facts about today's procreation controversies and today begins a series of articles to help LSN readers better understand these issues. IVF is an issue that even most Church leaders have shamefully avoided criticizing for many years, so Hilary will give you the politically incorrect information on this important subject.

Given Virgin Mobile's consistent reputation for sexually raunchy advertising, I would never, ever purchase anything from that company or fly on their airline – no matter how good the price might be. Would you?

Undoubtedly, there will again be some readers who will cancel their subscriptions. This always happens when we expose disturbing subjects. Well, our role is to expose the truth – the sometimes hard truth – so that actions will be taken on issues that cause social harm. It is not politically correct to report these things, but as far as we are concerned, our conscience will not allow us to be comfortable and avoid our responsibility on these matters of true social justice.

Some of today's reports have photos related to them that you may wish to view on the LifeSiteNews website versions.

Steve Jalsevac