Commentary on June 22 News - LSN responds to CCCB Investigation Findings on D&P Funding of Mexican G

Mon Jun 22, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

Dear readers,

Today we launch our first video production - the video special on the Development and Peace scandal.  Please have a look at this video and send it to your friends.  We've been told there are many who may not want to read about the matter but will watch a  video and then take action.

We say first because, we hope to do much, much more in terms of video and audio production.  But we can't do that without your financial help. 

But, back to the subject of Development and Peace. Archbishop Weisgerber has made official what Stephen Mosher and many others anticipated long ago - the offical CCCB investigation into our reports on the five pro-abortion Mexican groups has been - surprise - a total whitewash. And of course the issue of the numerous subsequent, even greater scandals of other D&P funded groups in Mexico and many other nations, has hardly been addressed.

An editorial in the BC Catholic, the Vancouver diocese paper, and another editorial in the Catholic Register of Toronto, both some time ago expressed logical scepticism that the investigation could produce an accurate report. That was mostly because of Development & Peace's large role in the investigation of itself.

Re-read Mosher's comments again and you will understand more about why the investigation was certain to be a D&P PR exercise from the beginning, despite the no doubt good intentions of the bishops involved.

As for our response to the investigation outcome - we fully stand by our reports, which were NEVER about allegations and in all cases presented evidence that readers could themselves investigate. Mind you, it does help to be fluent in Spanish to understand the Latin American evidence.

We have many years of experience on these issues and, as any other such knowledgeable workers in the pro-life field would conclude, the evidence discovered fitted a clear pattern that has been seen again and again. When certain persons investigate these issues day after day, 10 to 14 hours per day, for many years, as we have been doing, they do tend to naturally become experts on the issue and able to quickly zero in on incriminatiing evidence. Many people appreciate that expertise and see our work as a benefit for the culture. Others are angered that we shine light on things that they would prefer remain hidden.

There will be more reported on this issue in the days ahead - for the protection of the Culture of Life and family in the developing nations; for the benefit of the Church in Canada so that Canadian Catholics and bishops may learn the full truth and; for truth itelf that in the end always leads to good. In this case, we especially hope that the international assault on the cultures and fertility of the people of the developing world by the abortion/de-population imperialists from the developed north will finally receive the attention it desperately deserves.  This assault is gradually decimating populations more than all of the past great wars combined.

If any of you have additional evidence that you can offer for our ongoing investigations into D&P funding practices, please get in touch with us. Our readers are often our very best source of information. 

And do let us know what you think of the video.

John-Henry Westen
Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Steve Jalsevac
Co-Founder and Managing Director

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