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Wed Mar 11, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

Dear readers, What great encouragement today from Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix, who does not cower to political correctness.  He offers the best one-liner summary of Obama’s move to publicly fund embryonic stem cell research: “We U.S. taxpayers will now be forced to pay, whether we wish to or not, for the killing of our youngest brothers and sisters on the dubious hypothesis that their murders might, in the future, benefit others." is used by leaders in the pro-life movement, by activists, journalists, students for research projects, and also used heavily by bloggers.  Thomas Peters one of the most prominent Catholic bloggers in the U.S. who has appeared on CNN, NBC, MSNBC and EWTN uses extensively.  So much so that he has selected as his ‘website of the month’.  Check out his blog here:

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