Tuesday marks the most critical of mid-term elections in recent US history. That is, the very future of the United States as a viable social, political and economic nation may be in great danger unless there is a dramatic change tomorrow from its current political leadership. The importance of voting at this time for the most principled and moral candidates cannot be exaggerated. 

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life emphasizes that Americans ”have a moral obligation to vote in such a way that will do the most to advance the culture of life.”

In John Jalsevac's report, AUL's Bill Saunders reveals that polls indicate Americans are aware of the need for dramatic change. Saunders stated in Ottawa, Canada this past weekend, “I think that it’s possible that it (the election) will be the biggest switch in U.S. history.”

Kathleen Gilbert reports today that NARAL Pro-Choice America president Nancy Keenan expressed dismay that a victory for “anti-choice forces” could lead to even more aggressive legal protection for the unborn than pro-life lawmakers have recently attempted. Wouldn't that be wonderful? 

Peter Smith reports today on a number of key races that could most determine how much Tuesday's election may change the course of US history. It's time for much prayer – and for encouraging one and all who treasure life and family to get out and vote for the best candidates. 

Four LifeSiteNews staff attended the International pro-life conference in Ottawa, Canada this past weekend. Our several reports have only touched on the many inspiring moments that took place at this amazing 2-day event. Almost everyone who attended came away hugely uplifted and motivated to carry on the struggle to bring about a culture of life.


All across North America and Europe quality pro-life conferences such as this are needed to recharge batteries and build newly inspired and motivated communities of activists for life. In the meantime, we will continue to issue more reports on highlights from the Ottawa conference. We are sure you will enjoy them – as I personally very much enjoyed being there and hearing all those wonderful, leading heroes for life from the United States, Canada, Europe, the Philipinnes and Brazil. 

Steve Jalsevac