Dear Readers,

You are encouraged to read Peter Smith's excellent article on what to expect from the upcoming U.S Senate treatment of the Democrat's attempt at health care reform. Peter reports on the House/Senate legislative process which is important to understand in order to follow the upcoming developments on this crucial issue.

President Obama is not happy about the growing and very strong opposition to his health care push. That pleases many people.

Contrary to the wishful thinking of Catholic liberals, Archbishop Burke's influence in the Church is growing. The left leaning social engineers, who have been in control of most North American and European Catholic institutions for decades, are concerned – as they should be. For pro-life, pro-family Christians – Catholic and non-Catholic (who are neither left nor right, liberal nor conservative, just faithful) – things are looking up for the Church's role in the culture war. It has been a long wait.

Steve Jalsevac