Dear Readers,

There are far more stories related to life, family and culture happening today than I can ever remember in my almost 30 years of involvement in these issues. Of course it is impossible for LifeSiteNews to write reports on most of them. And then there are numerous important peripheral issues that we would not be writing reports on but which are of interest to many of you.

Through these newsbytes we try to give you a large overview of all the developments through linked headlines and some excerpts from other reports on the Internet.

Todays newsbytes are the most extensive ever and some of these are very significant. We do not necessarily agree with all of them, nor do we vouch for their validity. You will have to be the judge of that – if you have the time.

One item we would strongly suggest you take the time to view is the video of a talk given by Lord Christopher Monckton on Global Warming and the upcoming Copenhagen summit. Very revealing.

Steve Jalsevac