Dear Readers,

Lots of interesting news again today.

Chris Matthews is one very messed up, angry liberal Catholic on the subject of abortion and his faith. Bishop Tobin showed considerable courage by placing himself on that program likely knowing full well the reputation Matthews has for belligerency.

The case of the man trapped in a coma for 23 years once again emphasizes great caution should be exercised in removing life support and especially nutrition and hydration from apparently comatose or “brain dead” patients. As well, we have to wonder how many very alive persons wrongly categorized as PVS have been killed by having their organs removed because of this rampant misdiagnosis.

A popular uprising would seem to be a needed response to the on-going judicial travesties against Lisa Miller and her daughter. If allowed to stand, this will be a legal precedent to bludgeon many more moms and their innocent children into submission to the gay ideology.

The EU again shows its strong totalitarian bent in a report today. This is happening with rapidly increasing frequency. Europeans must wake up – now!

Steve Jalsevac