Dear Readers,

There has been an earthquake over climate change as a result of the publicly released emails discrediting the honesty of some leading global warming advocates. This only confirms what we have known for years. Climate change/global warming is far more of a religion, an anti-population ideology and a massive power grab than credible science. It exploits genuine concern for the environment and conservation that is naturally shared by most people – to advance something far beyond that.

The Patrick Kennedy controversy is very revealing. The chickens have come home to roost, as the saying goes, over the lack of Church leadership regarding his father's many years abortion extremism. Patrick is only expecting to be treated the same neglectful way by the Church as his father was and cannot comprehend why this is not happening. He tragically believes that health care is “the biggest social justice issue of our time”. Nope. Although very important, it is not even remotely close in significance to the giant social justice issue of millions of unborn children slaughtered by abortion and infanticide and the looming avalanche of euthanasia killing of innocents.

The political/media/intellectual establishment rejects Sarah Palin with a vengeance. And yet, the first 1.5 million print run of her book has sold out and another million are being printed. Take a look at the Politico video of the hundreds of people who stayed up outside a Barnes and Nobel bookstore overnight in the cold just to get her to sign her book. Whatever we may think of Sarah Palin, she is filling a huge unmet need. To ridicule and ignore that is considerable foolishness.

Steve Jalsevac