Dear Readers,

  Most of today’s news is not pleasant reading but it is essential reading about current developments related to life and family.

  Interestingly, the darkness makes the visit of Pope Benedict to the United States especially anticipated with joy by many Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Benedict is seen as representing the only real antidote (the belief and practice of traditional Christianity) to the many evil forces in the world. That antidote, if once again adopted by many, can vanquish all the forces arrayed against us. The Caesars eventually understood this as have many of the totalitarian leaders since, including today’s Communist Chinese rulers.

  We have deliberately avoided speculating on what Benedict will or will not say during his visit but will report on the events of the papal visit as they happen over the next few days.

  Some readers have been very upset about our articles exposing Oprah Winfrey’s role in the anti-life, anti-family movements. Such is the power of a skillfully crafted media image that even normally well informed pro-life, pro-family people are at first resistant to unpleasant news about their favorite television personality. We understand, but the unfortunate facts must be faced. Today’s story about Oprah’s performance of a 10th anniversary version of the vulgar Vagina Monologues provides the latest justification for never again viewing, praising or having anything to do with the Oprah Winfrey show.

  If anything, today’s LifeSiteNews stories are a message to trust in God alone while at the same time accepting and acting on your responsibility to take whatever actions you are capable of in response to the information in our news reports.

  If you are in Canada, send friends, relatives, neighbors to see the movie Bella – today, tomorrow, all this week, next weekend – for as long as it is in the theatres. You can be confident that most will thank you for the recommendation. The reports from the weekend’s showings are that viewers have been moved and inspired. Bella is one way the culture war is being very effectively addressed.

  Make sure to get the suggested announcement placed in your church bulletins and announced from the pulpits. See

  Steve Jalsevac