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  There is a mix of stories today with nine of the stories involving the abortion issue.

  The closing of a New York abortion center, apparently as a result of a 40 days for Life action, is indeed good news.

  Much praise is due Congressman Chris Smith, one of the most dedicated and well-informed U.S. pro-life politicians, for his many heroic efforts to defend life both in the United States and abroad. This man is a perpetual motion machine who always seems to be able to rattle off crucial details about one pro-life legislative or government policy issue after another. Chris’s most recent bill, this one to ban Human-Animal hybrids, deserves much support.

  The two stories illustrating a passionate dedication to the cause of life by two young students should be an inspiration for all pro-life readers.

  The fining of a large Ontario Christian ministry to the disabled and an order that all its employees be subjected to a pro-gay indoctrination program seriously violating their religious principles is most disturbing. It appears this trend will only continue until the politicians are pressured enough to change the ground rules for the commissions they created so that traditional religious and conscience rights are fully protected. The question is, will the Christians finally wake up enough to generate the leadership and courage to do just that.

  The United Nations is at it again, with its bullying of pro-life, pro-family nations and cultures. Again, politicians are allowing this dramatic assault on foundational principles of the West. Obviously they are not hearing enough from citizens to deter them from this dismantling of our free society.

  Our readers often take actions in response to many of the stories we publish. Letters, phone calls, appeals to religious leaders, letters to the media, personal political action and increased financial and other support for organizations fighting for freedom and truth – are all called for.

  In the end though, our hope must be in God, not in man. That was the great benefit of the messages during Pope Benedict’s visit to the United States – for both Catholics and non-Catholic Christians. As President Bush said of the Pope’s visit, “it wasn’t such a bad week for Methodists, either”. That is, other than some of his comments intended specifically for Catholics, much of what the Pope said was not by any means just for Catholics, or even Christians, or intended to convert listeners to Catholicism.

  The President explained, Benedict “is courageous in the defense of fundamental truths. His Holiness believes that freedom is the Almighty’s gift to every man, woman and child on Earth. He understands that every person has value, or to use his words, ‘each of us is willed, each of us is loved, [and] each of us is necessary.’”

  We all needed that visit in order to encourage us to new hope, new action, and new courage to do what we must in these very challenging times. Barack Obama talks about some vague hope in hope, but Benedict reminded everyone, of any denomination, that we must return to the fundamental and only real hope, a hope in Christ. Then, and only then, can the rebuilding of our Western, Christian-based civilization begin. Without that there is only false and empty hope.

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