Committee head to pick new SCOTUS justice: If nominee’s faith is attacked, ‘We’ll have a hell of a fight’

'Why is it always our people who go through these terrible ordeals?' asked Sen. Lindsey Graham.
Thu Sep 24, 2020 - 11:22 am EST
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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). Anna Moneymaker-Pool / Getty Images

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September 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee will oversee confirmation hearings for the next Supreme Court justice, promised that if the nominee’s religious faith is attacked, “we’ll have a hell of a fight.”

“You saw Kavanaugh, you’ve seen Bork, you’ve seen Thomas, you saw Alito,” said Graham, referring to past fiery confirmation hearings where nominees proposed by Republican presidents were savagely attacked by Senate Democrats and the media. 

“Why is it always our people who go through these terrible ordeals?” asked Graham.

The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman promised, “We will be firm, we will be fair, and we’ll make sure the nominee is tested but not abused.” 

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), who hosted a discussion with Graham during Wednesday night’s virtual Value Voters Summit, recalled to Graham  “that moment in the Kavanaugh confirmation where you stood up and made an impassioned appeal for humanity and justice.” 

“What type of battle do you anticipate?” asked Perkins, given what the nation witnessed during the ugly Kavanaugh confirmation hearing.

“A challenging hearing is appropriate because this is a lifetime appointment,” noted Graham, but “what happened [with] Kavanaugh was despicable and should never happen again.” 

“We were arguing about a party in high school that nobody could remember,” said Graham, and “that turned the country upside-down. They tried to ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s life.”

Graham detects that Democrats have a similar uncivil strategy now in the works.

“Since the passing of Justice Ginsburg, ‘Act Blue,’ which is the Democratic funding site, has raised over $150 million,” noted Graham. 

“So I expect, given the political donations, that the Democratic Party is on fire. They’re looking for a champion to ‘come after’ this nominee,” said Graham.

“But if I were them, I would remember what happened [with] Kavanaugh,” warned Graham. If the nominee is someone who is noted for his religious faith, and Democrats “attack the person for being faithful, we will have a hell of a fight.”

Perkins predicted that if one of President Trump’s top picks is seated on the Supreme Court, a consistent conservative majority will be established, creating a “seismic shift” in the court’s rulings on religious freedom and the sanctity of human life.  

Because of this, Perkins anticipates that a “ferocious battle” will be waged in Graham’s committee.

Graham agreed but said Democrats had better be careful because the whole country will be watching. “If Democrats try to destroy this conservative nominee, they do so at their own peril.”

People will be paying close attention, Graham reiterated. During the Kavanaugh hearing, the nation witnessed Democrats’ “attempt to ruin a very good man’s life.”

“I am ready to play it any way [Senate Democrats] want to play it,” declared Graham. “I’m praying that we have a challenging hearing for the nominee,” but not one that’s “embarrassing to the country and the Senate.”

“It’s OK to be a religious conservative. It’s OK to be on the Supreme Court if you’re a religious conservative,” said Graham, proclaiming, “We’re not going to tolerate a country where you’re punished for your faith.”

When Perkins asked Graham if there’s a line he will not allow Democrats to cross if they attempt to attack the nominee’s faith, Graham simply responded: “Stay tuned.”

Graham also explained why Republicans must move quickly to seat a new justice after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, stressing that with litigation certain to follow the upcoming presidential election, the country needs to have a nine-member court in place to settle disputes.

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