TORONTO, May 21, 2002 ( – Pattison Outdoor Advertising Company, a Canadian ad company which had rented billboard space to the pro-abortion group Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC), has said it has removed the offensive CFFC ad and will not renew the contract.  After the signs went up around Toronto, the Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL) called on Catholics to write Pattison and other companies which had put up the CFFC sign.  The billboards read:  “Because the bishops ban condoms, innocent people die,”“Catholic people care. Do our bishops?” To see a copy of this ad, go to   The letter sent by Pattison to those who had written letters of concern about the offensive ads, stated that the sign would come down during the week of May 13, and LifeSite has confirmed that the Pattison-owned CFFC sign is down.  The letter also notes that CFFC “wanted to extend their contract on the sign” but the company had promised those who contacted them that the sign would not be up during the World Youth Day festivities.  The letter concludes, “Pattison Outdoor would not do anything to knowingly disrupt this once in a lifetime event.”  The battle is not over however, CCRL warns that another media company, Viacom, is still displaying CFFC ad, and the Toronto Transit Commission has yet to provide assurance that these offensive ads will not be placed on public transit vehicles during the upcoming World Youth Day.  CCRL has encouraged pro-lifers to double their efforts in having Viacom follow Pattison’s example in removing the offensive signs.  Viacom Outdoor c/o Nick Arakgi General Manager 377 Horner Ave.  Toronto, ON M8W 1Z6 Email: [email protected]   People can also write to:  Mr. Joe Mihevic,  Toronto City Councillor Chair of TTC Advertising Review Committee 100 Queen St. W. Suite B35 Toronto, ON M5H 2N2 [email protected]