Concerned Women for America Decries Call for U.N. Women’s Rights Agency

WASHINGTON, July 14, 2006 ( - An ultra-liberal Canadian U.N. Envoy, Stephen Lewis, is calling for a multimillion dollar Women’s Rights Agency at the United Nations, according to a report today from C-FAM, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute.

  Lewis’ long history with the U.N. includes positions as Canadian Ambassador, an official with UNICEF and special envoy for HIV/AIDS.

  Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse of Concerned Women for America (CWA), twice a United States Delegate to U.N. conferences, has decried the proposal saying, “Lewis’ proposal would dramatically strengthen the already-incredibly-strong radical feminist influence at the U.N., and it would virtually ensure that abortion would become a human right around the world. Plus, having an agency devoted solely to so-called ‘women’s rights’ would require an increase in already exorbitant funding for the U.N. from member nations – especially the United States – and funnel that extra money into the radical feminist agenda.”

  CWA points out that in recent years the phrase “women’s rights are human rights” has become a rallying cry for the United Nations to implement a whole panoply of radical initiatives and policies around the world.

  Crouse added, “One of the scariest aspects of Lewis’ plan is to involve international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the planning and operation of the agency. Anyone who has knowledge of how the U.N. works recognizes the tremendous influence these radical NGOs have through their domination of U.N. world conferences –– especially those for women –– and their behind-the-scenes expertise in lobbying for far-left reproductive services (code for abortion) policies.”

  Wendy Wright, CWA’s President and, along with Crouse, representative to the United Nations, said, “There are plenty of U.N. agencies and commissions that already focus on women and promote radical feminist agendas. There’s no need to create another wasteful U.N. agency just to give feminist activists a secure paycheck and platform.” 

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