BOSTON, MA, May 15, 2014 ( – A pro-marriage group is reporting that Gay, Straight & Lesbian Education Network (GSLEN) Massachusetts has revealed a behind-the-scenes look at the homosexual agenda's strategy about how to further promote its agenda in the state's public schools.

An April 5 GSLEN conference highlighted that one of the keys to affecting young people is having students participate in pro-gay activism, such as taking part in a local “Day of Silence” or campus LGBT groups. Conversely, these same encouraging students are encouraged to target and intimidate those who disagree with homosexual relationships.


“The students are seen as the vanguard within the schools,” MassResistance reports.

One seminar was entitled “Starting a Middle School GSA [Gay Students Association]: A Sustainable, Grassroots Approach” consisted of “practical advice and encouragement for students, staff, parents and community members who would like to establish a sustainable GSA in their local middle school.”

Other seminars targeted the theater and sports environments.

Transgender issues were also given attention. GSLEN said the seminar “When a Teacher Makes a Gender Transition” will “share the successful experience of a faculty member's gender transition at Milton Academy, K-12, as well as communications strategies, documents and lessons learned.”

On its website, GSLEN says it consists of “student-led clubs, usually at the high school or middle school level, that work to address anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in their schools and promote respect for ALL students.”

However, Mass Resistance's report indicates that promotion of the homosexual agenda, not bullying prevention and universal respect, are the real goals of the organization.

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More than 300 people attended the GSLEN conference, where 21 seminars took place. Two-thirds of the attendees were students.