Confirmed: Sexual Abuse Slander Call Came from Liberal Campaign Office - Hear Audio

By John-Henry Westen

Maurice VellacottOTTAWA, January 20, 2006 ( - It has been confirmed that a call which came in to a televised all candidates forum Tuesday falsely accusing Conservative incumbent MP Maurice Vellacott of sexual assault, was made from the campaign office of Liberal candidate Chris Axworthy.ÂÂ After broke the story yesterday ( here: ), a flurry of mainstream media pressure forced Saskatoon Shaw Cable to allow a reporter from the local paper, the Star Phoenix, to view the tape of the program.

On the tape a caller can be heard asking Vellacott “Were you also removed from (a local church) because you were charged with sexual assault on your secretary?” Shaw Cable also confirmed that the number where the slanderous call originated was (306) 956-2570 - the main phone number of Axworthy’s campaign office.

Axworthy, once assured that the call display did in fact finger his office, issued an apology but included with it his (conspiracy) theory suggesting some troublemaker had snuck into his campaign office to make the slanderous phone call.Â

Axworthy said he would launch an investigation and ensure that if the slander was committed by a Liberal staffer, the individual would be removed from the campaign.Â

For his part, Vellacott said that he is used to sleazy campaign tactics, but that this attack was completely over the top.Â

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