WASHINGTON, D.C., December 3, 2010 ( – Outgoing U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus has slapped the Susan B. Anthony List with a lawsuit, saying the pro-life political action committee lied when it said that his vote for the national health care reform law amounted to a vote for government-funded abortion.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Driehaus filed the lawsuit Friday, claiming SBA-List defamed him and that the Affordable Care Act actually contains no federal funding of abortion.

Driehaus had previously withdrawn a legal complaint that he had filed against the Susan B. Anthony List with the Ohio Elections Commission (OEC) on October 6 about the same issue.

Ohio law forbids publishing a “false statement concerning the voting record of a candidate or public official.”

Driehaus lost his re-election effort to Republican Steve Chabot by seven percentage points on November 2.

He withdrew the complaint on November 16, giving the appearance that the issue was over.

However, the launch of Driehaus’s newest lawsuit immediately follows upon a federal judge’s ruling that opponents of the Affordable Care Act did not convincingly demonstrate that the national health care law would fund abortion.

In fact, U.S. District Court Judge Norman Moon of the Western District of Virginia ruled that the law “contains strict safeguards at multiple levels to prevent federal funds from being used for abortion services beyond those in cases of rape or incest, or when the life of the woman would be endangered.”

Moon’s ruling contradicts the arguments of national pro-life organizations, including National Right to Life, Americans United for Life, and the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops, who have said the legislation opens the floodgates to massive abortion funding.

“A lie is a lie,” reads Driehaus’s complaint filed in federal court, according to the Enquirer. “The First Amendment is not and never has been an invitation to concoct falsehoods aimed at depriving a person of his livelihood.” attempted to contact SBA-List for comment, but has received no response as of publication time.