Congresswoman files bill to allow gay ‘spouses’ to receive Social Security benefits

The "Social Security Equality Act of 2013" would give spousal, survivor, and death benefits to couples who live in a state that recognizes same-sex "marriages" or civil unions.
Tue Aug 6, 2013 - 10:16 am EST

NEW YORK, August 6, 2013 ( – Many supporters of “marriage equality” thought homosexual activists sought to redefine the age-old institution in order to receive the same recognition and approbation as heterosexual couples. But many homosexual “marriage' advocates wanted federal benefits.

Now a Democratic Congresswoman has introduced a bill to open the federal spigot to same-sex couples.

Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-CA, says her "Social Security Equality Act of 2013" would confer spousal, survivor, and death benefits to couples who live in a state that recognizes same-sex "marriages" or civil unions.


If enacted, its terms would apply to 18 states and the nation's capital.

"Same-sex couples pay into Social Security over the course of their working lives just like other Americans," she said.

Although the federal benefits angle of the “equality” struggle remained obscured from the general public, LGBT political organizations made the lack of U.S. government benefits – including benefits, tax breaks, and favorable insurance premiums – one of their movement's prime driving forces.

Self-described “Queer advocate” Erik Lappman wrote, “It is essential that progressives across the United States highlight” the fact that same-sex couples pay “on average at least $1,069 more than identical heterosexual, married couples in taxes.”

One homosexual told CNN it was “unfair” and “un-American” that he could not receive $2,000 a month in Social Security survivor’s benefits from U.S. taxpayers after his “partner” died.

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Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center Lorri Jean endorsed Rep. Sanchez's proposal, saying, "Despite the recent Supreme Court decisions that struck down DOMA and reaffirmed marriage equality in California, millions of LGBT Americans still live in states where they do not have equal access to federal benefits."

The cost to the federal Treasury is unknown, but in 2004 the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that recognizing same-sex “marriage” would cost Social Security an additional $350 million a year beginning in 2014.

In June, the Heritage Foundation estimated that, under the present system, Social Security could become insolvent by 2024, just eleven years from now.


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