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A pro-life Connecticut couple who sued federal and state officials over the state’s failure to offer health insurance options that don’t force subscribers to subsidize abortions has withdrawn their lawsuit after officials agreed to offer a conscience-friendly health plan that does not include abortion coverage.

Barth and Abbie Bracy had previously been insured through a private healthcare provider, but once the Affordable Care Act went into effect, the company was forced to cancel the policy.  The couple turned to Connecticut’s ObamaCare-mandated health exchange to look for a new policy, only to find that every plan offered included a mandatory surcharge that can only be used to fund elective abortions.

While federal law forbids taxpayer subsidies for elective abortions, ObamaCare gets around that by requiring every health care exchange plan that provides abortion coverage to charge a dedicated fee to be used exclusively to pay for abortions.  Many people don’t know about this fee, however, because ObamaCare bars health care providers from disclosing the information.

“Americans should not have to pay a special fee for other people’s abortions in order to take care of their own family’s health,” said Casey Mattox, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, the legal aid organization that represented the Bracys during their lawsuit.

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“The Bracy family has experienced first-hand the kind of deception that was used to pass and that continues to pervade this law,” Mattox said. “While we are pleased that Connecticut families will now have a choice to avoid paying this abortion surcharge, it is a shame that other families won’t have that choice, and that most Americans don’t even know that they must pay this secret fee.”

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, people seeking healthcare coverage on ObamaCare exchanges in Hawaii, New Jersey, Vermont, and Rhode Island are currently unable to purchase plans that do not include the abortion surcharge.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans remain unaware that they are funding abortion with their healthcare premiums, due to the ObamaCare requirement that the surcharge be hidden from consumers.