OTTAWA, Feb 11 (LifeSiteNews) – On Wednesday, Saskatchewan MP Maurice Vellacott introduced Bill C-422, “an act to amend the Criminal Code to prohibit coercion in medical procedures that offend a person’s religion or belief that human life is inviolable.”

In presenting the Criminal Code amendment, Mr. Vellacott explained, :“the purpose of the bill is to ensure that health care providers working in medical facilities of various kinds will never be forced to participate against their wills in abortion procedures or acts of euthanasia.” “Incredibly, there are medical personnel in Canada who have been fired because the law is not explicit enough in spelling out those conscience rights.”

This is the second time in this session of Parliament that committed Saskatchewan MP, Maurice Vellacott, has introduced this legislation. Supporters of this reasonable workers’ rights legislation should contact their MP’s immediately and encourage them to support bill C-422.

Bill C-422 is available here.

For a background on the legislation click here.

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