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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, conservative commentator and novelist Andrew Klavan joins Jonathon to discuss his new book, The Truth and Beauty, on how the greatest English poets help illumine a deeper meaning of Jesus’ words.

Klavan explains how he arrived at the idea for such a book in the first place.

“It kind of grew up organically. It would have to; it’s such an oddball idea on the face of it,” he says. “But I started out by finding that I was puzzled by some of the things that are in the Gospels. And we take them for granted because they’re [almost] just part of our language: love your enemies, and forgive as you would be forgiven. And I just found that when I thought about them, I thought some of these things are not things I would actually do, and I’m not sure that I should do them, except for the fact that they’re in the Gospels.”

The rest of the episode explores some of the great English poets mentioned in the book, the nature of truth, and what Klavan believes a restoration of truly Christian art and culture would look like.

Listen to this week’s episode below or click here. Buy Andrew Klavan’s The Truth and Beauty here.

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