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Conservative author and pundit Kira DavisKira Davis / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — A Canadian-American author has been dropped by her largest sponsor after offering a view on so-called “gender identity” and the LGBT community that runs contrary to the mainstream narrative. 

The conservative author, Kira Davis, told True North that because of her decision to criticize some of the more extreme elements of the LGBT community,, a large job-finding website, pulled their ads from her show. 

Davis noted that her “Just Listen To Yourself” podcast, which she describes as openly conservative, touches on many controversial aspects related to the political sphere, but that she has tried to not bring up gender issues. 

However, in an episode titled When Did Drag Queens Become The Hill to Die on? Davis got into a conversation about the controversy surrounding drag queen story times.  

She noted that while she thought most drag queens were not out to “sexualize your kids,” these types of performers “cannot separate themselves from the concept of this being a sexualized performance because that’s what it is.” 

So-called Drag Queen Story Hours, which feature mostly biological males dressed up as women “performing” before kids, often in a grossly perverse manner, have become commonplace in North America, taking place in libraries, stores, restaurants, and even churches.   

In another episode of her podcast titled Words We Need to Be Done With in 2023, Davis brought up the word “non-binary” as something she would like not to remember. 

In the episode, Davis made reference to Sam Brinton, who up until recently worked as U.S. President Joe Biden’s “non-binary” Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition at the Office of Nuclear Energy (ONE).  

Davis described Brinton – who was recently let go from his job after being charged with two separate theft-related crimes as a man who is non-binary and wears dresses and high-heels to work as a high-level official in the U.S. government on the international scene,” remarking, “yeah that’s a sign that he’s crazy.”  

Those who call themselves “non-binary” do not attach themselves to “gender,” despite the fact that they were biologically born male or female.  

Davis said it was only about two hours after she made her “non-binary” comments that dropped her as a sponsor.  

Davis noted that she has before spoken about very controversial topics such as “black lives matter and even the n-word,” but was never dropped by her sponsor. 

It was only when she spoke out against the LGBT community that she was dropped by 

“It wasn’t until I got to the transgender episodes that they [her sponsor] had a problem. They had an immediate problem,” noted Davis. 

Davis said that she believes that couples who are called “DINKS”  an acronym for “double income and no kids” have become dominant in high-level positions at top companies, and it is these types who push this radical worldview.  

She said these so-called “DINKS” have “risen” to the top of companies and government agencies, and that they are often “allies” to various radical political causes. 

Davis said that to combat this influence, conservatives need to start climbing their way into positions of authority everywhere, especially school boards. 

She will soon be releasing a book titled Drawing Lines: Why Conservatives Must Begin to Battle Fiercely in the Arena of Ideas, wherein she will expand upon her thesis that conservatives can and should fight back against left-wing dominance in culture. 

It is not just Davis that has become the target of LGBT activism and other left-wing causes, but all Canadians.

Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office in 2015, his Liberal government has consistently pushed both pro-abortion initiatives as well as those in favor of radical LGBT ideology. 

Last year, the Trudeau government pledged a whopping $100 million dollars as part of its “2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan,” piggybacking off of Trudeau’s 2017 commitment to recognize “trans rights” as “human rights.” 

The pro-life and pro-family Campaign Life Coalition has noted in detail how Trudeau’s 2022 budget was “both anti-life and anti-family.”  

In a recent opinion piece published on LifeSiteNews, Jonathon Van Maren noted how it is not a conspiracy theory that “groomers” really do want to sexualize our children. 

“The sexualization of children was the explicitly stated goal of the early sexual revolutionaries,” noted Van Maren.  

“We do not need to theorize or extrapolate on the intentions of these revolutionaries. We simply need to listen to what they are saying, and to believe them when they tell us what they want to do.”