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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews)  — Interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada Candice Bergen says neither she nor her party is backing down in the fight against COVID travel mandates until they have all been permanently removed.

“The Liberals used vaccines to divide and stigmatize Canadians,” Bergen tweeted yesterday.

“Conservatives will not stop until all mandates are lifted.”

Bergen posted a video with her tweet that highlighted multiple instances of CPC MPs blasting the COVID jab mandates imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The video shows MPs taking to task Trudeau and his ministers in the House of Commons. It also showed two clips of Trudeau — one when he said last year that Canada is “not a country that makes vaccination mandatory,” and then another from August when he said the jabs would be mandated for travel.

The video includes the text “Conservatives are the only party that fought against manatees,” along with “Trudeau flaunted his freedoms while denying yours.”

The end of the video finishes with the note, “Conservatives won’t stop until life gets back to normal for all Canadians.”

CPC MP and leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre recently said that the suspension of the COVID jab rules is not enough.

“Even after backing down on letting unvaccinated people take a plane, train, or ship, Trudeau still mandates that unvaccinated truckers, who work alone all day in their truck cab, can’t cross the border? Stop this vaccine vendetta. End ALL COVID mandates,” Poilievre tweeted.

CPC MP Melissa Lantsman, who for weeks has been pressuring the Trudeau government to remove the COVID jab travel mandates, also said “suspending” mandates is not enough.

“Finally. Details matter: suspending mandates is not eliminating them. Some vaccine mandates is not all vaccine mandates. Still NO science we’ve seen to justify any mandates. None. #cdnpoli #EndTheMandates,” tweeted Lantsman.

On Tuesday, the Canadian federal government under Trudeau announced a “suspension” of a COVID jab mandate for travelers and federally regulated transportation workers.

Starting June 20, Canada will “suspend vaccination requirements for domestic and outbound travel, federally regulated transportation sectors and federal government employees.”

While the CPC was the only party with sitting MPs to blast the COVID mandates, the People’s Party of Canada under former CPC MP Maxime Bernier was the only party to blast them from soon after they were imposed.

Bernier told LifeSiteNews yesterday that he will continue his legal challenge against Trudeau’s COVID travel vaccine mandates despite the recent suspension of the restrictions.