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July 15, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership contender and member of parliament (MP) Derek Sloan said that if elected Prime Minister he would introduce a law that would ban provinces from forcing “vaccinations on their residents, including children.”

“I have for months been on the record against any mandatory ‘COVID-19’ vaccine mandatory for Canadians,” said Sloan in a July 9 email to his supporters. 

“After the New Brunswick ‘close call,’ I must now upgrade that commitment. As Prime Minister, I will introduce legislation to amend the Canada Health Act in such a way that provinces will not be able to force vaccinations on their residents, including children.”

Sloan’s email, titled “No Mandatory Vaccinations,” was a response to New Brunswick provincial Bill 11, which would have effectively mandated kids to be vaccinated to attend public schools by removing religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions from existing law, leaving only a medical exemption with doctor approval as the only opt-out. 

That bill was defeated in late June as lawmakers rejected the removal of “non-medical” religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions. 

“Had Bill 11 passed, parents in New Brunswick would have lost their rights to object to vaccines for their children based on religious or philosophical exemptions. They would have been forced to choose between vaccination and public education,” said Sloan in his email.

“That’s how close the parents of New Brunswick came to having their Canadian charter rights infringed upon in the name of ‘public safety’ … It’s a lesson for all of us, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise.”

At the provincial level, Ontario and New Brunswick have made certain vaccines mandatory via legislation, with some non-medical exemptions allowed, for children to attend public schools. 

In British Columbia, parents now must provide their child’s immunization records for their kids to be enrolled in public and private schools.

In Canada, vaccines are not mandatory at the federal level as each province is responsible for their healthcare delivery, so it remains uncertain exactly how Sloan would amend the Canada Health Act to ban provinces from mandating vaccines. 

LifeSiteNews reached out to Sloan for comment regarding how he would accomplish amending the Canada Health Act so that he could keep his promise to ban provinces from forcing vaccines on residents.

Sloan replied by saying that his government would use the Canada Health Act to make sure that the provinces and municipal agencies they fund never force any type of vaccine on Canadians. 

“The Canada Health Act is almost solely focussed on the financing of health care for universal access. As Prime Minister, I will amend the Canada Health Act so that voluntary vaccinations are a requirement as important as public access itself is. Provinces violating the law will face financial penalties and if needed, will be challenged in court,” Sloan told LifeSiteNews.

“I oppose any mandatory vaccinations on the Canadian public, both for a future COVID vaccine and for vaccines in general … that is why a Sloan government will use the Canada Health Act to ensure that provinces and the municipal agencies they fund never do this.” 

Sloan also told LifeSiteNews that Canada's constitution gives federal statutes “binding power over provincial ones,” and that he would ensure that his chief adviser of Public Health and federal agencies “make no leeway in their policies for mandatory vaccinations. “

“This means making it clear that requirements will never be enacted to show proof of vaccination before receiving public services or entering private establishments for commerce and recreation.”

In his email, Sloan added that parents and not the government should be the ones to decide if their kids get vaccinated. 

“We must defend the right of every Canadian to make up their own mind when it comes to being vaccinated. We must ensure that parents — not the government — can make the decision about their children and vaccination,” said Sloan in his email.

“That’s my position. I’m on the side of parents and individual liberties.”

In his email, Sloan also said, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the danger of government overreach become very real. We’ve seen rights we’ve taken for granted — such as the rights to gather, to work, to worship, or to see our loved ones — curtailed or eliminated.” 

“We’ve seen some government officials seize the opportunity to rule rather than to govern, and we’ve been forced to ponder the possibility of not necessarily getting back all of the rights we’ve given up so easily.”

In May, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Health Canada had approved the coronavirus vaccine Ad5-nCoV to be used in human clinical trials. 

LifeSiteNews reported at the time that the vaccine candidate Ad5-nCoV uses the HEK293 cell line, which is made from fetal cells harvested from an aborted baby decades ago. 

This is not the first time Sloan has taken a strong stand against mandatory vaccinations. In May, he said in an email that he is “100 percent against a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.” 

Sloan has made media headlines for being an outspoken pro-life and pro-family voice among the CPC leadership candidates. 

Dr. Leslyn Lewis is the only other candidate who identifies as pro-family and pro-life, with former MP Peter MacKay and MP Erin O’Toole identifying as pro-abortion. 

In the CPC English leaders debate, Sloan said his fellow candidates would “agree with him” that “it’s not right” that Canada has no laws protecting babies from abortion. 

In early June, Sloan said that should he become prime minister, he would defund foreign abortions, Planned Parenthood, and “Pride” parades as well as the WHO. 

Last week, Sloan demanded that a national inquiry into kids “gender transitioning” be undertaken. Sloan told LifeSiteNews that “80 percent of children with gender dysphoria grow out of it,” adding that he is “against radical gender ideology.”

Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC), a not-for-profit society founded by families who have suffered from vaccine reactions and injuries, heavily opposed the controversial New Brunswick bill 11.

In May, VCC president Ted Kuntz told LifeSiteNews that any type of forced vaccination, including a COVID-19 vaccine, is “morally repugnant” and unconstitutional after being asked about Health Canada approving human trial testing of a coronavirus vaccine derived from an aborted fetal cell line. 

Last week, VCC  launched a lawsuit against Trudeau’s Liberal government along with Doug Ford’s Ontario government to hold them “accountable” for their “overreach and the draconian and unjustifiable measures taken in response to COVID-19.”

In addition to seeking to be paid for the cost of the lawsuit, the VCC is seeking that the defendants do not force any mandatory COVID-19 vaccine on Canadians as it would violate one’s rights under the Canadian constitution. 

The VCC is also seeking $1 million in general and $10 million in punitive damages from the CBC for spreading “misinformation” and “false news” about COVID-19.