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(LifeSiteNews) – Canadian Conservative Party leadership candidate Jean Charest sent out a campaign mailing that said jab mandates “keep public sector workers safe.”

The mailout was obtained by True North.

The former Liberal Party premier of Quebec took aim at Pierre Poilievre, intimating that he was “extremist” in his views.

Charest said Poilievre had an “unelectable agenda.”

Poilievre is generally seen as a more conservative than Charest due to his economic views and insistence on personal liberty and limited government. However, on cultural and moral issues pertaining to the sanctity of life and marriage, both Charest and Poilievre have voted for or advocated for liberal pro-death and pro-homosexuality policies in the past.

Charest’s statements in his campaign letter seem to be in contradiction to what he said July 11 regarding jab mandates: “I don’t think it works. … I don’t see how you can impose it [the jab] on everyone.”

Charest campaign spokesperson Michelle Mather told True North that “it’s clear whether you are vaccinated or not, there’s a high probability you will catch covid. It’s also clear vaccines reduce severe illness.”

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA) released an in-depth video presentation on July 15 asserting that “it’s time to stop the shots” based on cumulative evidence that they believe indicates little vaccine-effectiveness and an alarming potential for harm in the vaccinated, especially children.

The CCCA stated in the presentation: “Although claims were initially made that getting your shot could protect those you love, we now know that these vaccines cannot stop the spread of disease.”

In addition, the CCCA asserted that due to rapidly “waning immunity”, the shots do not offer any potential long-lasting protection from serious disease like Charest said.

If the CCCA, which is advised by numerous accredited health care professionals, then it would seem that Charest may have spoken in error.

Not only did Charest offer doubtful remarks on vaccines and vaccine mandates, he also affirmed his opposition to the Freedom Convoy, and called them “illegal blockaders” who had taken over Ottawa.

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