OTTAWA, Jan 31 (LifeSiteNews) – On Saturday the National Post reported on the financial woes faced by the federal Tories and the further threat the United Alternative may be to the party’s fiscal stability. According to journalist, Robert Fife, Progressive Conservative leader “Joe Clark is struggling to pay off heavy debts incurred during the 1998 Conservative leadership race.” These debts amount to $100,000 and are separate from the $10-million debt the party has incurred. According to the article, Clark advisor, Bill Neville, has admitted to receiving “some angry phone calls from some creditors but no one is suing anyone.”

Making matters potentially worse for the Tories, “Reform and Ontario and Alberta Conservative party fundraisers claim major corporations are prepared to pour millions of dollars into a new right-wing party that sets itself up as a national alternative to the governing Liberals.  Bob Mills, a Reform MP mandated to act as the party’s chief corporate fundraiser, said he has corporate pledges of $4-million if the United Alternative initiative is successful.” NP also reports that “Rod Love, a former chief of staff to Ralph Klein, the Alberta Premier, said he too has received strong assurances from Alberta’s major corporations that money will flow if Ontario and Alberta Tories unite with western Reformers.”