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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Canadian Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis said the Emergencies Act – triggered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week – is being used to “financially attack” those who disagree with the government.  

“The Emergencies Act is only about one thing: Justin Trudeau wants to financially attack and silence people he despises for disagreeing with him. This entire situation started when he refused to use common sense and cancel the cross-border vaccine mandate for the truckers. Instead, he continued to wedge, divide, and stigmatize Canadians,” Lewis wrote in a letter she published on Friday.  

“It does not matter if you have opposed the protests, or if you supported the Freedom Convoy – if you are watching what is going on, one thing should be painfully clear: there is not a single action being taken today by the police that could not have been done previous to the implementation of the Emergencies Act.”  

Yesterday Canada’s Members of Parliament voted in favor of maintaining the Emergencies Act, 185 votes for to 151 against.  

The CPC along with the Bloc Quebecois were the only parties to oppose the continued use of the Emergencies Act. Trudeau’s Liberals passed the Act with the help of the New Democratic Party (NDP).  

Trudeau took the unprecedented step of enacting the Emergencies Act on February 14. He claimed it was needed to deal with the truckers from the Freedom Convoy, which had been in Ottawa for three weeks protesting COVID mandates. 

Trudeau’s new powers allow the government the power to freeze the bank accounts of anyone associated with the convoy without a court order. 

Trudeau enacted the Act despite two border blockades against COVID mandates, one in Alberta and one in Ontario, having been cleared or were clearing before the Emergencies Act was invoked.  

Lewis noted that “every single border blockade was cleared without violent incident – before Justin Trudeau took this aggressive and unnecessary action, while clearly inflaming the situation with more divisive rhetoric.” 

On Friday, February 18, under the direct orders of Trudeau through the Emergencies Act, police in Ottawa cleared out Freedom Convoy protestors and towed away the trucks of drivers who refused to leave. Many demonstrators were arrested.   

The vast majority of protesters on Parliament Hill in Ottawa were peaceful. Despite this, at least one elderly lady was violently trampled by police on Friday. 

Last week, Lewis, along with several other CPC MPs, rebuked Trudeau for his decision to trigger the Emergencies Act to deal with the truckers’ Freedom Convoy. 

Last Thursday two of the main convoy organizers, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, were arrested by Ottawa Police. Lich has been denied bail.  

To trigger a motion to revoke the Emergencies Act, the support of either 20 MPs or 10 Senators is needed.  

Canada’s Senate is now debating the Act, and a vote is expected to take place this week.  

Canada’s Parliament will resume sitting on February 28.  

Senate debates will be available for public viewing at 

A total of seven Canadian provinces oppose the Emergencies Act declaration made by Trudeau. 

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