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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - February 13, 2022. Protester Placard on the Fence of the Parliament during Freedom Convoy Protest in Ottawa.Shutterstock

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian Conservative Party (CPC) MP has backed an official House of Commons petition demanding the Canadian federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “abolish” a rule which bans the vaccine-free from traveling by air.  

We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Minister of Transport to abolish the domestic vaccine passport requirement for Canadian citizens and permanent residents taking domestic flights in a safe and orderly manner,” reads the petition sponsored by Alberta CPC MP Tom Kmiec. 

The restriction imposed on Canadians taking domestic flights, trains and ferries is an unreasonable infringement of their rights and freedoms that cannot be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. 

The petition was initiated by Lydia Henry from Mississauga, Ontario, and was launched on March 10. It currently has close to 8,000 signatures and closes on April 10.  

The petition states examples from the travel industry as proof that a vaccine passport for domestic air travel is not backed up by logical reasoning.  

According to Westjet’s first Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tammy McKnight, as of April 23, 2021, there had been no known case of COVID-19 transmission onboard any Canadian aircraft,” reads the petition.  

The petition also noted how the Vancouver Airport Authority noted in 2020 that “there was zero transmission occurring onboard an aircraft on Westjet’s flights.” 

According to the petition, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization itself “found no information regarding the transmission of COVID-19 on airplanes.” 

Indeed, an International Air Transport Association study from 2020 found that out of the approximately 1.2 billion passengers who traveled worldwide, there were only 44 cases of COVID-19 as attributed to in flight-related transmission.  

Even a Transport Canada document from November 4, 2020, states that the ¨likelihood of passenger to-passenger transmission aboard aircraft appears to be low,” according to the petition.  

The Trudeau government last August announced that all persons traveling by air, rail, or sea, both domestically and internationally, had to have the experimental COVID jabs or they would be barred from travel.  

The rule went into effect in December. A similar mandate for truckers, sending the unjabbed into quarantine after crossing the U.S. border into Canada, went into effect in January. This resulted in truckers fighting back in the form of the Freedom Convoy.  

Many federal government workers lost their jobs last year because they chose not to get the experimental COVID jabs after the Trudeau government mandated all federal workers be jabbed. 

Since the ousting of Erin O’Toole as CPC leader last month, many MPs from the party have come out more vocally against COVID mandates imposed by the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

CPC’s interim leader Candice Bergen has said herself that the “mandates” need to go and that Canada needs to open up.  

CPC MP Leslyn Lewis, who is running for party leadership, recently criticized Trudeau’s “undemocratic” mandate barring those who reject COVID vaccines from traveling, saying it’s time for it to end 

Another petition from Saskatchewan CPC MP Jeremy Patzer that is currently open for signatures is demanding the federal government under Trudeau rehire all federal public servants who were fired because they did not take the COVID jabs. 

Petitions to Canada’s House of Commons can be started by anyone, but must have the support of five Canadian citizens or residents, along with the support of a sitting MP. 

Once a petition has over 500 verified signatures, it is presented to the House of Commons, where it awaits an official government response. 

Virtually all Canadian provinces have already, or soon will be free of their local COVID vaccines passports.  

The province of British Columbia was the last holdout regarding both masks and vaccine passports; the latter it will do away with on April 8.  

Ontario has removed its vaccine passport, including a mandate that its government workers be jabbed, and will lift its mask mandate on March 21.  

Alberta and Saskatchewan became the first Canadian provinces to remove their mask mandates after earlier getting rid of COVID vaccine passports following public support of the truckers’ Freedom Convoy, which called for an end to all mandates.