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Conservative Party of Canada MP Leslyn Lewis meets with a group that includes European MP Christine Anderson.Twitter

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Leslyn Lewis said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should resign for “denigrating Black people” after he criticized her for meeting with anti-establishment European Parliament member Christine Anderson last week.

“The PM wore Blackface, denigrating Black people; throws minority women under the bus. Now he suggests I’m racist for meeting a sitting EU MP?” Lewis tweeted Saturday.

“I stand by my record, defending immigrants, religious minorities and the vulnerable, not mocking and dividing them as the PM does.”

Last week, photos emerged online of Anderson meeting with CPC MPs Lewis, Colin Carrie, and Dean Allison.

CPC leader Pierre Poilievre said Anderson is “vile,” and that she and her views have no place in Canada, because of his MPs meeting with her.

Poilievre came under immense fire after he referred to the political views of Anderson, a pro-Freedom Convoy member of the European Parliament, as “vile.”

When Trudeau was asked by reporters about the CPC MP’s meeting with Anderson, he said, “The Conservatives need to own up and either really disassociate themselves from hateful vile intolerant rhetoric or tell the truth and explain that they actually have room for those rhetoric’s and that intolerance within their party.”

This past Friday, CPC MPs released a statement via Carrie’s Twitter account in which they said they do not “endorse” Anderson’s views.

On Friday, Lewis said, according to the Toronto Sun, that she would not be called “vile and intolerant” by Trudeau, a man that she reminded people has worn blackface on multiple occasions.

“He is going to sit across from this black woman and know I know exactly who he is,” said Lewis, adding that she wants an “apology from him.”

“He should step down as PM because he is destroying this country,” Lewis said.

“I want him (Trudeau) to resign over blackface because I cannot stomach anymore to sit across from him and see this man.”

Anderson, of Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) Party, has been in Canada for the last week meeting with various people related to the Freedom Convoy, such as Tamara Lich. She is known for being very outspoken against COVID mandates, government overreach, and liberal immigration policies.

Members of the AfD party advocate for less immigration and have been critical of the impact Islam has had on Europe, notably through mass migration.

As for Anderson, she has been critical of extreme forms of Islam that have denied basic women’s rights, notably in countries such as Afghanistan.

In 2021, Trudeau called people who chose not to get the abortion-tainted experimental COVID shots  “racist” and “misogynist,” and then asked if Canadians should “tolerate these people.”

He also said in 2022 that Freedom Convoy supporters were a “fringe minority” with “unacceptable” views.

However, as noted by LifeSiteNews journalist Kennedy Hall in an opinion piece last year, “Trudeau is the real racist, as he is completely out of touch with who supports the movement.”

“Justin Trudeau has labeled a diverse group of freedom loving Canadians as racist and extremist, yet he is well-known to have worn blackface on at least three occasions and to have admitted he can’t remember the actual number of his offenses,” Hall wrote.

“On at least one occasion, the future Prime Minister even blacked up his legs.”

As for Lewis who is pro-life, she has consistently called out the Trudeau government for pushing a globalist agenda on Canadians.

She noted recently said how the World Economic Forum (WEF) is “not our government” and that Canadians did not “sign up” to be attached to one of its charters, which she exposed the Liberal government under Trudeau signed onto in 2020.