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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Conservative MP and leadership contender Leslyn Lewis promised that if elected leader of the party she will put forward “a bill protecting parental rights,” noting that Canada needs a government system that supports families instead of “tearing them down.”

“Good parents have unconditional love for their children. The family should be the safest place to have the hardest conversations,” Lewis wrote in a message posted to her campaign website yesterday.

“The government must not interfere with the rights of loving parents to raise their children in accordance with their own values. I will enshrine rights that protect parents into law.”

Lewis noted directly that the “government doesn’t love your kids,” adding it “can’t” do so.

“Government is not a person; it is hardly even a collective of people. Government is a system, and it can be a good system, or a bad system, but it is never more than that,” Lewis noted.

“A good government – when it is running well – also provides justice when families and communities falter. This is why I would put in stronger protections for victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking, child abuse, and online exploitive content.”

Lewis remarked that should she win the nomination to run the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) her will “bill protecting parental rights,” would ensure that families remain safe places for all topics of conversation.

“We currently have a society where many parents are afraid of even having conversations with their children about certain subjects,” Lewis said.

“The Conservative Party has been fighting for families for a long time. We have been fighting for life to be more affordable for families. For home ownership to be more than a dream for young parents.”

Lewis stated that while every “single candidate in this race” is focused on stopping Canada’s runaway inflation spurred on by the policy decisions of the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, she is the “only candidate that has put forth a policy that enshrines a parental rights bill into law.”

Last week, Lewis became the first candidate to officially make it onto the final ballot for the leadership of the CPC, which will hold its leadership vote on September 10.

To date, more than 10 candidates have put forth their names in the race, including CPC MP Pierre Poilievre, whom many consider the frontrunner.

Lewis had a strong showing in the 2020 CPC leadership race, garnering 25 percent of the vote, and has strong grassroots support.

She also has a stellar pro-life and pro-family record as an MP.

Campaign Life Coalition gives Lewis a “green light” rating as a “supportable” pro-life candidate for her strong voting record in favor of life.

The attack on the family along with the rights of parents has been increasing steadily over the past few years, notably in Western nations.

Some Canadian provincial governments, such as that of British Columbia, are even purging from their law books references to both “mother” and “father” along with all references to a person’s sex.

At the federal level, Campaign Life Coalition recently noted how Trudeau’s 2022 budget is “both anti-life and anti-family.”

In December 2021, Trudeau’s government passed a bill banning so called “conversion therapy.”

Marty Moore, a lawyer for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), told LifeSiteNews that the new conversion therapy bill “is riddled with constitutional concerns,” noting it “criminalizes conversations between consenting adults.”

Instances involving parental rights regarding medical autonomy of one’s body have come to the spotlight in recent months due to COVID jabs.

Just recently, an Ontario Superior Court Judge sided with a mother who fought to prevent her kids from getting the COVID shots against their will.

Contrast this, however, with the recent ruling that resulted in a Canadian father losing custody of his kids solely because he chose not to get the experimental COVID jabs.

Last year, a ruling in Quebec resulted in a father temporarily losing his visitation rights after the mother told a judge he was anti “vaccine” and posted about “conspiracy” theories on social media.

Another disturbing trend that has afflicted society and the family, notably in Canada and the United States, is the “grooming” of children in public schools.

A “groomer” is a synonym for people who believe it is all right to sexualize children.

The state of Florida recently signed into law a “Parental Rights in Education” bill that bans the promotion of LGBTQ propaganda from being taught in the classrooms of elementary school kids.

LifeSiteNews blogger Jonathan Van Maren has written extensively about how taxpayer dollars in Canada and elsewhere contribute to “an agenda that is destroying children.”