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Pierre Poilievre, new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada YouTube

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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Top Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre publicly encouraged “everyone to keep protesting government attacks on our freedoms.”

Ahead of the large protest against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s COVID-era policies expected in the capital city of Ottawa on Canada Day (July 1), Poilievre endorsed “all Canadians who peacefully stand up for their rights.”

“I support all Canadians who peacefully stand up for their rights in protesting the Liberal Government’s vaccine vendetta,” Poilievre told Global News on Tuesday, adding that vaccine mandates are “unfair, unscientific bullying” and that he encourages “everyone to keep protesting government attacks on our freedoms.”

In the same vein as the “Freedom Convoy 2022” protest that took place for a three-week period in Ottawa earlier this year, pro-freedom and anti-COVID mandate Canadians are expected to gather in Ottawa on Canada Day to celebrate the rights afforded to them by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – rights and freedoms many feel have been infringed upon by the Trudeau government.

The rally is to coincide with the arrival of Canadian Armed Forces veteran James Topp, who has been marching from the westernmost province of British Columbia to Parliament Hill in the name of freedom.

Despite the peaceful and non-violent nature of the Freedom Convoy, Trudeau’s government invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act, deploying the national police force to physically end the protest while instructing financial institutions without a court order to freeze the bank accounts of those involved.

Since then, Trudeau’s government has been caught spreading a number of falsehoods with respect to the Freedom Convoy, including the now-debunked claims that law enforcement asked Trudeau to invoke the Emergencies Act, that the protest was largely funded by foreign interests, that members of the Convoy took part in an arson attack, and that many of the backers had links to terrorism and extremism.

With respect to the Canada Day rally, Ottawa Police Service preemptively issued a statement saying they are “working with Canada Day organizers and our policing partners to implement a public safety plan that allows all Canadians and visitors to freely and safely enjoy the capital during this celebration.”