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Chief public health officer Dr. Theresa TamCBC News / YouTube

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — During a House of Commons health committee meeting on Tuesday, Conservative MPs referenced a litany of dubious comments made by chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam at the onset of the COVID-19 so-called pandemic, to highlight why they believe Canadians have little faith left in the nation’s public health agencies.

Per Blacklock’s Reporter, Conservative Party of Canada MP Matt Jeneroux led the charge against Tam at the committee meeting this week, reading a selection of scientifically-questionable statements made by the prominent doctor, and asking her to clarify her remarks. 

Specifically, Jeneroux asked Tam to address the following points:

  • January 27, 2020, Tam said “Canadians should not be concerned they can pick up the virus from an infected individual by any casual contact such as walking through the airport.”
  • March 4, 2020, shortly before the federal government closed Canada’s borders, Tam claimed that closing the nation’s borders “is not an effective approach to containing the virus.”
  • March 28, 2020, just one month before implementing mask mandates in many parts of the country, Tam said that mask use was not needed for “well people,” adding on March 30 that “putting a mask on an asymptomatic person is not beneficial.”
  • April 1, 2020, Tam said that the “effectiveness of the use of non-medical masks has not been well demonstrated.”  

After listing these statements, Jeneroux asked Tam if the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHUC) of which Tam is second-in-command and Health Canada are going to “conduct a full review and report on the handling of COVID.”

“That decision is not up to me,” Tam replied.

Picking up where Jeneroux left off, Conservative MP Randy Hoback further pressed Tam for answers, asking, “What is your plan to build back that trust?”

Without giving a direct answer, Tam agreed that trust is “really important,” but simply stated that “we must come together and work together and earn that trust.”

Hoback continued by noting that many of his constituents were not happy with the advice coming from the PHAC during COVID, specifically mentioning that the federal government’s guidance often contradicted the advice of provincial health authorities. 

“Coming from Saskatchewan, Dr. Shahab would make a recommendation that we could remove masks. I’d fly to Ottawa and we’d be fully masked. Canadians would say, ‘Oh, how come the science in Saskatchewan says one thing yet the science in Ottawa says something different,'” commented Hoback.

“How do you build credibility back in those scenarios going forward? What really scares me is we don’t have credibility in the organizations now,” added the MP.

Hoback continued by stressing the importance of public trust in government institutions, warning Tam that if a “really” bad virus were to ever to take root in the country, “Canadians wouldn’t listen to you.”

While the majority of the world is moving on from the so-called pandemic, Tam has warned Canadians as recently as July that the “pandemic” is not over, and that people should “prepare” for a possible “seventh wave” of COVID come the fall. 

Despite COVID jab trials having  never produced evidence that vaccines stop infection or transmission a fact that even a Pfizer representative recently admitted Tam consistently supported vaccination as a mean of curbing the spread of the highly-survivable virus. 

In October 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, under the guidance of Tam and other so-called health authorities,  announced unprecedented COVID-19 jab mandates for all federal workers and for all citizens who wished to travel by air, boat, or train, both domestically and internationally. 

While done under the guise of public safety, recent internal documents from Transport Canada show that the mandate was implemented because it provided a “very strong impetus to drive vaccination.”

As the narrative around the COVID shots continue to falter, pro-life Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis recently called for a public inquiry into the jabs, saying: “Politicians and health experts promised Canadians that the vax would prevent transmission. Pfizer admits it never tested for that. Executives sat in silence while trusted officials gave incorrect info to the public. That’s just wrong.”