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(LifeSiteNews) — During a recent encounter with voters, the leader of Canada’s Conservative Party declared he would reject all involvement with certain liberal ideologies, describing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as “garbage.”

Pierre Poilievre spoke to a man last week who questioned how the politician would address woke ideologies if he were elected prime minister. Specifically, he was asked his thoughts on DEI and ESG (environmental, social and governance).

“It’s all garbage,” Poilievre said in a video posted to X, formerly Twitter. “All that stuff is a fake industry designed to make interest groups like corporate executives and insiders filthy rich. And they don’t care about any of the causes they talk about.”

“I’m against any of these agendas,” Poilievre said, noting that he is “banning my members from being involved in the World Economic Forum [WEF]” and planning to ban mandatory digital currency. He also rejected the tenets of Agenda 2030, which was mentioned specifically by the voter.

“I’m not going to buy into that garbage,” he added. “I want to get back to good, free enterprise economics where businesses get ahead by having the best product, not by having the best lobbyists. Workers keep more of their wages [and the] government gets out of people’s hair, off their backs and out of their way.”

Poilievre has previously opposed WEF and digital IDs and currency as well as defended other conservative values such as parental rights in education. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government recently issued an order alerting the nation’s broadcasting regulator of new requirements to fulfill liberal and pro-LGBT DEI initiatives.

Such efforts have also been proven to have tragic negative impact on citizens and employees. Last week, education officials ordered an investigation into the death of a 60-year-old principal within the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Richard Bilkszto committed suicide in July after bullying by a professional DEI consultant during a training session and amid a related lawsuit. The principal had been defending his country and arguing that Canada faces less issues with racism than the United States.

On Tuesday, LifeSiteNews reported that the KOJO Institute, which provided the so-called training sessions connected to Bilkszto’s death, had earned tens of thousands of dollars through equity consultation services for government programs. Since 2021, the organization has made at least $96,196.90 from taxpayer money used to fund these initiatives.