Pedophiles Pushing Unlimited Rights For Children

NEW YORK, Aug 27, 2001 ( – Pro-life and pro-family groups attending the latest prepcom for the United Nations’ World Summit for Children are greatly concerned that a fierce battle over child versus parental rights will ensue. A series of closed meetings for the Summit began today and are scheduled to run through August 31. Reporting from the United Nations in New York, LifeSite correspondents note that during these meetings some of the most contentious parts of the document will be discussed.

Language hotly debated for the final document includes coded references promoting abortion, homosexuality and children’s autonomy from parents. The progress has been so slow with all the unacceptable language that, while the Summit is to take place from Sept. 19-21, alternate meetings prior to the Summit may be needed if consensus cannot be reached during the current session.

Promoting homosexuality, the Western countries are pushing to replace the word “family” with the phrase “family in its various forms.” Abortion is promoted under the euphemisms of “reproductive services” and “reproductive health care.” And Lynette Burrows of the Oxford Family Trust, one of the family policy groups from the UK, warned WorldNetDaily about groups seeking greater freedom for children. “Some of the strongest support for ‘children’s rights’ has come from well-identified homosexual and pedophile organizations, which long ago realized that the easiest way to obtain access to children was to demand their freedom from any form of restraint, thereby exposing them to the predatory behavior of those who would harm them,” she said.

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