Conservatives Nominate Pro-Abort, Pro-Gay Agenda News Anchor Again

Peter Kent Tries "905" region riding after failing in downtown Toronto riding


By Steve Jalsevac

  THORNHILL, Ontario, April 5, 2007 ( – The Conservative Party of Canada is increasingly seen as a comfortable home for some very un-conservative candidates such as Peter Kent, a long time Canadian news broadcaster. Kent is considered by the Party to be a star candidate despite his strong support for abortion and the complete homosexual political agenda. He was acclaimed on March 18 as the federal Tory candidate for the so-called “905” region riding of Thornhill, just outside the borders of Toronto.

  Kent ran in the downtown Toronto riding of St. Paul’s in the last election but was thoroughly trounced by Liberal Carolyn Bennett. This time, he believes he has a much better change in the more affluent and culturally diverse Thornhill riding. The Conservatives were completely shut out again in Toronto in 2006.

  During the last election Kent told Canada’s national gay activist organization, EGALE, "As a journalist, I have, over four decades practicing the craft, covered, commented on, and supported justice and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified persons".

  On the abortion issue, he was also quoted in the December 2005 EYE Magazine as stating, "how can people have ever thought of denying women the choice of privacy over their own bodies?’"

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