By Michael Baggot

  PORTLAND, OR, May 12, 2008 ( – After facing local opposition from pro-life grassroots efforts, Walsh Construction has backed out of its plans to build a new Planned Parenthood (PP) facility in northeast Portland.

“It was a nice thing that Walsh got out. The battle still goes on,” Bill Diss, Director of the pro-life organization Precious Children of Portland (PCP), warned the Catholic Sentinel.

  Andrew Beyer, project manager for Walsh, has expressed support for the PP office and clinic, calling them “an important project in the redevelopment of Northeast Portland.”  Beyer added that PP might still be able to build their facilities as their own general contractors.

  Some critics of the new PP building project see it as part of a plan for black genocide.  The PCP notes on its website that the new building would move the city’s PP headquarters from an area with a population of about 1% African Americans, to an area of about 43% African Americans. 

“Planned Parenthood tries to put their sex product and abortion facilities in Black neighborhoods.  More Blacks are killed by abortion than all other causes of death combined!” explained the PCP.

  In his April 25 column, Archbishop John Vlazny encouraged support for PCP and outlined the need to oppose the 13 PP facilities in the Portland metropolitan area.

  Archbishop Vlazny warned that PP propaganda has obscured the facts about their vicious practices.

“In 2005, 264,943 surgical and (medical) abortions were performed at PPFA facilities. Furthermore, PPFA claims to serve women’s ‘choices.’ But it reports providing prenatal care to only 12,548 women in 2005 and infertility services to 248.”

“PPFA is a major contributor to the spread of that culture. If we keep silent and stand on the sidelines, this dark force will continue to spread and eventually destroy not only the lives of the unborn but even the moral fiber of our nation.”

“Promoting respect for life and protecting human life from conception to natural death is not a ‘right wing cause.’ It is a matter of justice,” the Archbishop explained.

  On November 4, Portland citizens gathered to protest the planned 40,000-square-foot PP structure.  Catholics, Muslims, and Protestants of multiple denominations joined in a LifeChain, an hour period of prayer to end abortion and change the hearts of those who perpetrate the procedure.

  The protest was the culmination of Portland’s contribution to the national 40 Days for Life campaign that saw PCP engaged in prayer and brochure distribution at events, churches, and households.

  Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers of the local Immaculate Heart Catholic Parish expressed concerns that the PP facility would bring promiscuity in addition to abortion.

  Sivers’ parish plans to conduct a Eucharistic procession from the church to the proposed site of construction on the May 25 Feast of Corpus Christi.

  Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., has praised PCP’s work and assured the group that her uncle would not support PP’s work.

  Local opposition has also delayed Ankrom Moisan Architects of Portland from completing their construction plans due August 13.

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