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Erin Kelly, CEO of Advanced Symbolics, Inc.LinkedIn

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – An Ottawa consultant told police that the Freedom Convoy was not about COVID “vaccine” mandates but rather an attempt by “right wing Christians” to gain followers, despite the fact the protests were indeed against COVID dictates, including jab rules.  

Blacklock’s Reporter reported that Erin Kelly, the CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc., a market research firm, wrote a February 6, 2022, email to then-Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly, saying that “religious images [are] being passed around on social [media] among the ‘protesters.’” 

“Given that today is the Lord’s Day we are starting to see some of the real agenda here,” Kelly claimed, stating that this was “more evidence this isn’t really about vaccine mandates.” 

“It’s a movement by right wing Christians who used mandates as a pretense to gain a following and privileged access as ‘protesters,’” she wrote.  

Kelly then stated that “If they’d said, ‘Join us for a Christian rally in Ottawa,’ no one would have come.” 

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In response to the email, Sloly said that “[t]hese are really important insights,” and then ordered the information from the Christian groups to be sent to all police managers.  

While Ontario Provincial Police did observe in its internal reports that many Freedom Convoy protesters attended church services, and many people read Bible verses to crowds, it concluded that the atmosphere was “calm, festive, and family oriented.”  

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The Public Order Emergency Commission hearings into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unprecedented use of the Emergencies Act against the Freedom Convoy began on October 13 and are expected to call at least 65 witnesses over six weeks, including Trudeau and many in his cabinet. 

The Freedom Convoy gathered in Ottawa in January and February to call for an end to all COVID mandates. The popular movement resulted in some provincial governments, such as Alberta and Saskatchewan, ultimately dropping their vaccine passport programs..